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PBA Application for Membership

2015 Annual Dues Investment

Dues are based on the number of people your business employs. Membership runs on a calendar year beginning January 1st and ending December 31st. If you join after January, your initial dues are prorated from the current month through the end of the year.

  • 1-5 Employees & Non Profit: $60.00 this year ($120/year thereafter)
  • 6-20 Employees: $75.00 this year ($150/year thereafter)
  • 21+ Employees: $100.00 this year ($200/year thereafter)

Please refer to the online directory on this website for available categories. PBA members are entitled to one (1) free Category listing. Additional category listings are $20.00 each. Members are also listed alphabetically and cross-referenced by name in our printed directory.

Supply a 20 word description of your business that you'd like to convey to the membership in an upcoming newsletter to introduce you as a new PBA member. This description may also be used in our annual directory.


While sponsorship is not a condition of membership, please let us know if a current member invited you to join, or had a positive influence on your decision to join the PBA.

Payment Information:
Total: $60.00

Associate Membership: Any member with BOTH business AND primary residence outside the PBA geographic boundaries, 21122, 21146, 21061, 21060, 21108, 21226. Associate members receive all privileges of active membership including that of voting, chairing a committee, and sitting on the board of directors. Associate members may not hold an officer position. Dues are the same as active membership.

Please note: Membership investments to PBA are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. They may be tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

Download PBA Membership Application

If you prefer, you can download the PBA Membership Application, print and complete the application, and then mail or fax to us.